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Troupe Eshveh


Bandari (Iranian folklore dance) Reston Nowruz Festival, March 2014

Troupe Eshveh is a professional dance ensemble founded in 2008. Using both choreography and a group improvisational format, we perform contemporary folkloric dance derived from Middle Eastern traditions.

Katayoun, Amira Shagara, Sitara, Suzana Nour and Ayperi comprise the five principal dancers of the troupe.

Our Mission- Authenticity and Entertainment

Khaleejy (Saudi Arabian women’s dance) Mosaique’s Myths, Legends & Mysteries, Waddell Theater, Sterling, VA 2011

Our mission is to perform contemporary, folkloric dance from various Middle Eastern cultures, with a primary focus on Egyptian and Persian traditions. Choreography and costuming are chosen for family viewing with the intent of educating, enlightening and uplifting our audiences while sharing the exuberant, cultural dances of the Middle East. Troupe Eshveh devotes special attention to authentic movements, musical interpretation and dance style.

What can you expect from a Troupe Eshveh performance?

Expect a polished, exciting and authentic representation of the dance. Traditional props such as the assaya (Egyptian cane), zils (finger cymbals) or veil may be used. Colorful, richly adorned costuming (often from the country of origin) will be appropriate for the dance style and for all audiences. The troupe is well known in the dance community for our surprising mid-show costume changes. Performance lengths can vary from 10 to 45 minutes, depending on the event and occasion.

Performances 2008 – present

Gilaki (women’s harvest dance from Northern Iran), Tiraz Dance Network Convention, Ashburn, VA 2014

Gilaki (women’s harvest dance from Northern Iran), Tiraz Dance Network Convention, Ashburn, VA 2014

Leesburg International Festival, Featured performers, Leesburg, VA, 2015-2016

SterlingFest, Sterling, VA, 2015-2016

Leesburg Flower & Garden Festival, Featured performers, Leesburg, VA, 2015-2016

Community Nowruz Events, Invited performers, Northern VA region, 2013-16

Reston Nowruz Festival, Featured performers, Reston, VA, 2013-2014

National Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington, DC, 2010

Restion Multicultural Festival, Invited performers, Reston, VA, 2010

International Children’s Festival, Invited performers, Vienna, VA, 2010

McLean MultiCultural Night, Invited performers, McLean VA, 2008-2012

Senior Center at Cascades International Festival, Featured Performers Sterling VA, 2009 front page feature in the Washington Post

Mosaïque Cultural Dance Showcase and Nowruz Events, Sterling/Falls Church, VA 2009-20014

Arabian Nights Gala, Invited performers, Alexandria, VA 2009

Miramar’s Enchanted Garden Middle Eastern Dance Show, Featured performers, Winchester, VA 2009

Women of Selket Annual Gala, Featured performers, Richmond, VA, 2010 & 2014

Asia Festival DC, Invited performers, Washington, DC 2008

In addition to the above performances, troupe members perform Middle Eastern dance as soloists in Maryland, DC, and Virginia. Troupe members are instructors of Middle Eastern dance and are founding members of Mosaique, our home studio.

What is the meaning of “Eshveh”?

Although there is no equivalent in the English language, in the Persian language it can be described as a mischievous or slightly coy manner from a young woman. The nature of Eshveh is innocent yet knowing and represents the characteristics of the dancer particularly in classical and social dances.

Troupe Eshveh performances are best-suited for community festivals, stage shows and large upscale events.

For performance inquiries, contact us with your event details:

Type of event, date/time, event address, available equipment/stage setup, estimated number of guests/attendees, and any other pertinent information.

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