Katayoun's Raqs Mosaique

Northern Virginia Belly Dance Instruction, Performance & Inspiration!

Tribal & Ethnic Fusion

Solace (Jeremiah M. Soto)
Combines some complex Middle Eastern rhythms and electronica in contemporary compositions with a new age mood.

Alleys of Istanbul
All traditional instruments and various types of percussion. Focuses on Turkish, Kurdish, Azeri and Anatolian material.

Bal Anat: In the Beginning
Suhaila Salimpour, Ziad Islambouli, Ahmet Tekbilek
Melodies and rhythms from the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey in a blend of past and present arrangements. Traditional orchestration.

Hatsheptsut and Other Dances
Abed Halami, Abdel Hazim
Arabic rhythms in ethno-tribal compositions. Artist uses Egyptian percussion instruments and Lebanese variations of common rhythms.

Intergalactic BellyDance, Galactic Caravan
Various Artists
New age alternative belly dance music.

Kabila Project
Features previously unreleased material from some of the most respected artists in the tribal belly dance community. Features rhythms from Morocco, Turkey and Africa.

Itneen – Tribal Dance Tribal Drums
American Tribal arrangements of rhythms from North Africa and the Middle East. Acoustic instrumentation of original compositions, featuring percussion pieces for practice and performance.

Mediterranean Dreams
World music for the belly dancer.

Traditional and Original world music on acoustic instruments.

~Middle Eastern Music Guide~
Music Selection: A Guide By Style (Cont)

Sirocco Volume I
Acoustic instrumentation of folk style Middle Eastern and North African music suitable for tribal belly dance.

Original compositions on world acoustic instruments. Ethno- tribal arrangements and rhythms suitable for tribal belly dance styles, teaching and practice.

Tribal belly dance music inspired by the Middle East and Mediterranean. Acoustic ethnic instruments, vocals in several languages, and percussion featuring doumbek, tambourine, and frame drum.

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