Katayoun's Raqs Mosaique

Northern Virginia Belly Dance Instruction, Performance & Inspiration!

Traditional Raks Sharqi (Arab/Egyptian)

Georges Lammam

Contemporary compositions and classical songs featuring violin. Most selections are solo violin.

Al Hawanem
Mohammad Ali Ensemble

Classical Egyptian belly dance music, including a few folkloric selections, fully orchestral.

Art of the Belly Dance
Voyager Records

Instrumental versions of classic belly dance songs on all acoustic instruments.

Aziza Raks
Various Artists

A variety of traditional and modern belly dance selections with traditional instrumentation.

Belly Dance Overdrive
Turbo Tabla/Karim Nagi

Remixed versions of traditional belly dance songs; some with electronic and some with acoustic instruments.

Best of Abdel Halim Hafez
Hossam Ramzy

Contemporary instrumental versions of Halim Hafez’s most popular songs.

Best of Hossam Ramzy
Hossam Ramzy

Compilation of the artist’s most popular compositions and renditions.

Essence of Belly Dance
Al Ahram Orchestra

Classical Egyptian belly dance instrumental music. Fully orchestral with a few folkloric selections and drum solos.

Desert Passage

Collection of classic, contemporary and folkloric belly dance music on mostly traditional instruments.

Layali al Sharq
Al Ahram Orchestra

Classical Egyptian belly dance instrumental music. Fully orchestral with a few folkloric selections and drum solos.

Magic of Orient
Ahmad Gebali

Contemporary instrumental versions of classical Egyptian music. Includes the track “Yasmina,” an original composition in the Egyptian style with many changes and rhythm progression, suitable as a dancer’s performance set.

Golden Days, Enchanting Nights
Produced by Leyla Lanty, Vocals by Khalil Abboud

Egyptian music for dancing. Re-release of “Ma Btishaloosh Leh?” with a new cover. Includes an original full length instrumental Oriental routine composed by Hassan Abou el Seoud.

Raks Ayoub
Bassam Ayoub

Classical Egyptian belly dance music featuring the traditional orchestra. Includes folkloric and drum solo selections.

Rough Guide to Belly Dance
Various Artists

A sampler of contemporary, classical, folkloric, and percussion selections of belly dance music including Egyptian and Turkish songs from popular artists.

Older version:

Secrets of the Eye
Hossam Ramzy

Rich instrumentals. Traditional format and contemporary style.

Taqasim Lil Qamar
Khamis Henkeesh

Includes an extensive 36 page color booklet about what is a taqsim, Arabic music in general, the instruments used, their history, translations and transliterations of all the lyrics and biographies of Om Kalthoum and Farid al-Atrash.

Ya Bahaia
Samer Issa

Belly dance music with orchestral instrumentation and classical Arabic flavor.

Belly Dance Super Stars series
Various Artists

Selected by the dancers of BellyDance Supestars touring company. Each volume features classical, remixed, contemporary and popular belly dance pieces.

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