Katayoun's Raqs Mosaique

Northern Virginia Belly Dance Instruction, Performance & Inspiration!

Folkloric (Raqs Balady)

Adeweya Festival
Ahmad Nasr
Modern versions of Egyptian folkloric music with male and female vocals.

Best of Baladi & Saidi
Hossam Ramzy
Egyptian folkloric melodies and arrangements. Most tracks are over five minutes in length, including a 12-minute Baladi piece.

Rough Guide to Belly Dance
Various Artists
A sampler of contemporary, classical, folkloric, and percussion selections of belly dance music including Egyptian and Turkish songs from popular artists.

Zar, Tance Music for Women
Awlad Abou al-Gheit
Includes a 32 page color booklet about the history of the Zar, a description of the ceremony and translations to all the lyrics. Plus an extensive section about the Jinn – spirits made of fire and air by Allah and mentioned in the Quran. This music is not intended for dance performance.

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