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Contemporary & Fusion

Amaya – Moon Over Cairo – Amayaguena
Ibrahim El Samahy
A fusion of passionate and dramatic music from Spain and Arabia, plus heavy percussion pieces.

Arabic Rhythms
Bobby Bethoney
Traditional Arabic rhythms played on Western drums. Features eight popular drum beats accompanied by several Arabic percussion and string instruments.

Claude Chalhoub
Claude Chalhoub
Lebanese composer/violinist blends Western and Indian classical and Arabic music, occasionally mixing with modern influences such as rock and ambient.

Georges Lammam
Contemporary compositions and classical songs featuring violin. Most selections are solo violin.

Belly Dancing BreakBeats
Original compositions mixing Middle Eastern beats with electronica.

Belly Dance Overdrive
Turbo Tabla/Karim Nagi
Remixed versions of traditional belly dance songs; some with electronic and some with acoustic instruments.

Darbouka & Tabla
Ahmad Nasr
Contemporary instrumental belly dance music featuring strong percussion and the most common Arabic rhythms.

Exotic Journey
Tribal Jury/Keti Sharif producer
Contemporary compositions of Arabian-inspired Jazz, with electric guitar, saxaphone, trumpet and tabla. Eastern moods with jazz melodies. Includes ‘Desert to Drums’ multi rhythmic tabla solo.

Suhaila Salimpour, Susu Pampanin
Rhythmic variety featuring a finger cymbals piece, a 7/13/7 beat trance piece, and a 21-minute rhythm progression piece by Susu suitable for endurance practice and drills.

Fire Dance
Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Brian Keane
Traditional instrumentation of traditional Turkish, Persian and North African forms.

Music for the Hips
DJ Nader remixes, Various Artists
Remixed and electronic versions of Arabic pop songs.

Fish on the Desert
R.A. Fish, Scott Wilson
Acoustic arrangements of traditional Middle Eastern rhythms, improvisations and folk songs.

Goddess Workout companion CD
Lee Curreri
World percussion, flutes and strings. This CD is the music featured in Dolphina’s Goddess Workout DVD.

Hatsheptsut and Other Dances
Abed Halami, Abdel Hazim
Arabic rhythms in ethno-tribal compositions. Artist uses Egyptian percussion instruments and Lebanese variations of common rhythms.

Immortal Egypt
Hossam Ramzy, Phil Thornton
Music inspired by Ancient Egypt played on mostly traditional acoustic instruments. Selections include folkloric flavors and ambient.

Intergalactic BellyDance, Galactic Caravan
Various Artists
New age alternative belly dance music featuring electronica and techno beats.

Mediterranean Dreams
World music for the belly dancer.

Magical Fingers
Various Artists
All percussion selections from dynamic tabla solos for performance to rhythm progression for teaching and practice.

Abou-Khalil, Glen Velez
Acoustic instruments. Non-orchestral sound. Renditions of classical Egyptian songs and original compositions with percussion and ney as the featured instruments.

Raks Zahra
Michael Cox
New age versions of Rimsky Korsakov’s Scheherazade. Contemporary compositions with classical Arabic flavor, new age original pieces using traditional Arabic rhythms, enhanced with electronic embellishments.

Ziad Islambouli, Suhaila Salimpour
All percussion. Drum solos ranging in length from one minute to ten minutes. Contains a variety of rhythms and embellishments for a contemporary drum solo sound.

Rough Guide to Belly Dance
Various Artists
A sampler of contemporary, classical, folkloric, and percussion selections of belly dance music including Egyptian and Turkish songs from popular artists.

Sabla Tolo I & II: Journey Into Pure Egyptian Percussion
Hossam Ramzy
All drum solos ranging in length from three to six minutes. Uses common rhythms with many embellishments. A few selections contain less common rhythms.

Scheherazade the Sound Track
Suhaila Salimpour producer
Sound track for the show in San Francisco. Includes drum solo “Accessable,” “Cymbal solo,” and remix of “Funk” from the Fate CD.

Secrets of the Eye
Hossam Ramzy
Original compositions, both in traditional format and contemporary style.

Techno Tabla
Tona Anka
Original compositions using traditional rhythms mixed with Western arrangements and contemporary melodies.

Jim Helmen
Soft slow ambient music suitable for meditation, stretching or practicing slow moves or veil work. Features violin, ney and electronic embellishments.

Urban Dervish
Original compositions mixing Middle Eastern beats with electronica. Some vocals.

Warrior Goddess
Fritz Head
Original compositions with soft melodies, world percussion, flutes, and strings. This CD is the music featured in Dolphina’s Warrior Goddess Workout DVD.

Wassan Pharaoun
Issam Houshan
Original compositions featuring the percussion of the artist with contemporary instrumentation. Uses traditional Arabic rhythms with a variety of embellishments. Includes several drum solos.

World Dance, Sarasvati
Desert Wind
Two-CD set. Original compositions using a blend of Eastern and Western instrumentation, and melodies. Strong traditional rhythms included in each song, including several dynamic percussion pieces. Some selections have a new age flavor.

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