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“Organizations who are fortunate enough to secure you for a speaking engagement will be overjoyed with your presentation!”

Janice Nichols, Tiraz Dance Network Co-founder

“I have enjoyed your performances beyond words.”
Thomas Perazzoli, audience member

“There it is! Real pure Egyptian dance – perfect!”
Diana, professional belly dancer

Katayoun guarantees a professional and upscale presentation for all your important occasions. “I will work with you to ensure a successful and memorable event.” Katayoun

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StarsOverSilkRoad_LowRes_070Persian Dance Specialty Show

Now booking for NOWRUZ 1397/2018 in Northern Virginia/MD/DC March 1-17 and Southern California March 18-31. 

Characterized by its fluid arm and hand movements, Persian dance refers to classical and traditional dance styles of Iran, once known as Persia. You may be familiar with the exquisite craftsmanship and artistry of Persian rugs.  Persians are known for achievements in many areas of visual and performing arts. As in other Persian arts, Persian dance aesthetics are unique and strikingly beautiful.

Katayoun is recognized internationally among the belly dance community and the Iranian diaspora for her Persian dance expertise, artistry and authenticity. Her unique Persian dance show incorporates traditional Iranian dance with a modern twist. In addition to contemporary classical dances, her Persian dance show includes a modern Baba Karam, Azari and an exciting Bandari!

Suited for Iranian and mixed audiences, songs and dance performance are tailored to the event, such as galas, corporate events, festivals, weddings, holiday and Nowrooz celebrations.

30-minute specialty show.
Includes audience participation and photo opportunity.
SPECIAL NOTICE! Nowruz 1397/2018: $500 + *travel fees

Northern Virginia/MD/DC March 1-17, 2018
Southern California March 18-31, 2018
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KatayounRedTurquoiseClassic Belly Dance Show

Belly dance, or raks sharqi, as it is known in its Arab origins, blends the rich and varied musical, dance and poetry traditions of the Arab world to create a highly stylized performance art. The music inspires and propels the dancer, with swooning melodies, dramatic moments, and dynamic rhythms. The dancer becomes the music, interpreting the sounds of the instruments and the layers of the music with her movements and steps. Professional performers have held a special place in Middle Eastern societies, and now among the diaspora, for centuries.  No celebration is complete without professional entertainment to mark joyous and important occasions.

Katayoun’s family-friendly belly dance show incorporates a blend of classical Arabic and modern pop music as well as folkloric favorites. Props such as veil, wings, cane and finger cymbals may be used depending on the theme and nature of your event. This performance package is suitable for all celebrations and happy occasions.

30-minute classic show
Includes audience participation and photo opportunity.
$350 + *travel fees

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Shamadan kneelingFolkloric Belly Dance Specialty Show

Beledi/Balady/Baladi means of my country. Each Middle Eastern country has its own unique, traditional form of dance, often thought of as more folkloric or rural. While raqs balady or folkloric belly dance is considered earthier than modern belly dance, there is no shortage of excitement and elegance.

With colorful exquisite costumes, the use of props, along with a diverse array of musical forms and movement traditions, Katayoun is among the few belly dance artists who specializes in full-length folkloric-style shows. All ages and backgrounds will be delighted with her authentic Egyptian performance incorporating folkloric dance and traditional props, including finger cymbals, Raqs al assaya (women’s cane dance) and **Raqs al Shamadan (candelabra dance).

30-minute specialty show
Includes audience participation and photo opportunity.
$500 + *travel fees. **Additional fees apply. May not be available in all venues.

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opendanceSitaraValerieBelly Dance Party: Lesson & Performance

Perfect for women and girls gatherings and rites of passage celebrations, as well as retreats. In this event, you and your guests will learn the secrets to beautiful belly dance moves which are derived from traditional dances from throughout the Middle East.  This event is tailored to your needs and interests. You can choose a more movement-based experience or a more lecture-based presentation. The event concludes with a short performance by Katayoun.

This event may be held at the Mosaique studio in Sterling, VA depending on availability.
2-hour event
$300 minimum + *travel fees

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Doumbek_Percussioninstrument_(21743720343)DSC_0776Rhythm & Raqs Party: Drum & Dance Circle

Music is the universal language of bonding and healing. Whether you are planning a themed event, or just want to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for your guests, this highly interactive presentation brings people together with the healing and soothing power of joyous rhythms and dance!  Ideal for mixed audiences and organization events, you and your guests will have intense fun learning rhythms on traditional percussion instruments! We will mix it up with a few dance moves, culminating in a dynamic dance and drum circle reminiscent of age-old community gatherings!

This event may be held at the Mosaique studio in Sterling, VA depending on availability.

2-hour event
Instruments provided
$400 minimum + *travel fees

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Additional packages available:

Monthly/Recurring Appearances

20-25 minute classic or specialty show at restaurant, nightclub, community venue, or other recurring event.

$150 + *travel fees

~ * ~

*Travel fees = $1.00 per mile beyond 20 miles of Loudoun/Fairfax county lines.

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