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“No one will ever take your piece of the pie, if you believe there is infinite pie!”  Katayoun

You can be a pioneer in your community to promote quality teaching and breadth of knowledge through live training seminars. Host a Raqs Mosaique™ teacher-training seminar in your area! Promote standards of teaching that elevate the art of belly dance in your community, resulting in more teaching and performing opportunities for everyone, including you!

These seminars offer an intensive experience of learning, growing and self-discovery in Katayoun’s encouraging and supportive teaching style. Live training seminars offer benefits not available through online training:

  • Customize trainings to the specific needs of your studio or community
  • Engage, collaborate and build a mutually beneficial dance community
  • Create standards of quality teaching that inspire positive public opinion of belly dance

Seminar Packages

One Day Seminar Package: Technique & Essentials (8 hours)Purple veil wrap

  • Dance Safety and Environment
  • Muscle Engagement & Body Alignment for Belly Dance Teachers
  • Movement Vocabulary, Layering & Build-up Method of Raqs Mosaique™ format
  • Music Selection
  • Music, Rhythms & Dance Styles
  • Skill Drill Routines

And (choose one):

  • Fundamentals and Rationale of Popular Props
    Props became popularized in belly dance performances through various origins. Certain props are essential to specific dance styles, while others are optional. Some props can be introduced very early on in the students’ dance training and become a valuable tool for technique and expression. Still other props may frustrate and even frighten some students when introduced incorrectly or too early in a dancer’s journey. We’ll explore the cultural roots of and origins of different props as they related to specific dance styles. Katayoun shares the Why, When and How props can enhance students’ dance experience, based on feedback from many students and experienced teachers.


  • Lecture, “My Journey in Belly Dance”headshot2warmth
    Before belly dance captured the imagination of the world as the hottest new fitness trend, devoted practitioners of the real art, struggled to reconcile the archaic misconception of belly dance as the “dance of seduction.” As a young instructor and entrepreneur in the late 1990’s, Katayoun was personally involved in a high-profile controversy in a small Florida town, inspiring newspaper headlines such as, “Belly Dancers, Too Wild.” Katayoun shares her defining story of this infamous incident, the lessons learned, and what every dance teacher must know about herself before setting foot in the classroom.

Fee: $800.  Host must provide accommodations for two nights. All seminar participants receive Certificate of Attendance.

Up to 300 miles travel included

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Two Day Seminar Package: Technique & Essentials + Curriculum & Instruction (16 hours)

Day 2, Curriculum & Instruction focuses on teaching with the format. This day will be a combination of lecture with discussion and dance activities.

  • Curriculum and Lesson Planning
  • Class Organization, Sequence & Pace
  • Multi-level Strategies
  • Student Correction
  • Advanced Skill Drill Routines

Fee: $1400.  Host must provide accommodations for three nights. All seminar participants receive Certificate of Attendance.

Up to 300 miles travel included

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Teacher training topics may be combined with Katayoun’s specialty workshops to create unique events and intensives.

Contact Katayoun to inquire about hosting a training seminar in your area. Include your desired dates and any other information you can provide.

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