Katayoun's Raqs Mosaique

Northern Virginia Belly Dance Instruction, Performance & Inspiration!

Technique & Essentials

Seminar (8 hours)

Pre-requisite for training: none

Pre-requisite for certification (optional): 150 training hours; Mastery of fundamental technique, key concepts and essential knowledge of Oriental dance, music & cultures

This seminar is the foundation of the teacher-training program and is applicable to all styles of belly dance, even your own eclectic blend. All participants begin here with learning about the Raqs Mosaique format and how to use it in your own practice as well as teaching. Regardless of your dance background, you will find this foundational training empowering and beneficial as you move forward in your dance journey. You will have the opportunity to assess your skills, identify your strengths as well as any gaps in your previous training and knowledge. We all have gaps of knowledge somewhere. Taking steps, no matter how small, to continue your education is key to a successful and fulfilling dance career. Dancers who wish to gain a deeper understanding of Middle Eastern dance technique and music are welcome and encouraged to take this foundational course to improve your practice and performance. After taking this seminar, you will be able to better formulate your goals and determine if certification is right for you.

Topics covered in the Technique & Essentials seminar:

  • Dance Safety and Environment
  • Muscle Engagement & Body Alignment
  • Movement Vocabulary
  • Music Selection
  • Layering & Build-up Method
  • Music, Rhythms & Dance Styles
  • Fundamental Skill Drill Routines
  • Fundamentals and Rationale of popular props: Veil, Zills, Balancing

While there is no pre-requisite to take the training seminar, certification candidates must complete additional training requirements and assessments.

Earn Certification (optional)
Attend A Live Training
Host A Training Seminar
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