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Curriculum & Instruction

Seminar (8 hours)

Pre-requisite for training: Technique & Essentials Seminar

Pre-requisite for certification (optional): Level 1 Certification

This seminar focuses on teaching with the format. You will practice learning choreography and creating combinations with the format, how to design/modify a curriculum and create lessons plans. Explore ways to build class sessions with themes, goals and learning objectives. Learn how to organize your teaching material in a logical sequence, how to build combinations and routines, and practice building up and breaking down movements. In addition, we’ll explore how to incorporate cultural knowledge and performance dynamics, and how to modify instruction for different audiences and learning styles.

Topics covered in the Curriculum & Instruction seminar:

  • Curriculum and Lesson Planning
  • Class Organization, Sequence & Pace
  • Multi-level Teaching Strategies
  • Student Correction
  • Advanced Skill Drill Routines

Certification candidates must complete additional training requirements and assessments.

Earn Certification (optional)
Attend A Live Training
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