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Each course presents a massive amount of information addressing different aspects of dance and teaching.

Technique & Essentials

Pre-requisite for training: none

This foundation course lays the groundwork for the study and teaching of belly dance with a focus on dance safety, tapping into creativity as well as musical and cultural topics. It is applicable to all styles of belly dance, even your own eclectic blend!

All participants begin here with learning about the Raqs Mosaique format and how to use it in your own practice as well as teaching. Regardless of your dance background, you will find this foundational training empowering and beneficial as you move forward in your dance journey. You will have the opportunity to assess your skills, identify your strengths as well as any gaps in your previous training and knowledge. We all have gaps of knowledge somewhere. Taking steps, no matter how small, to continue your education is key to a successful and fulfilling dance career. Dancers who wish to gain a deeper understanding of Middle Eastern dance technique and music are welcome and encouraged to take this foundational course to improve your practice and performance. After taking this seminar, you will be able to better formulate your goals and determine your next steps.

Topics covered in the Technique & Essentials course:

  • Dance Safety and Environment
  • Muscle Engagement & Body Alignment
  • Movement Vocabulary
  • Music Selection
  • Layering & Build-up Method
  • Music, Rhythms & Dance Styles
  • Fundamental Skill Drill Routines

Curriculum & Instruction

Pre-requisite: Technique & Essentials course

This course addresses how to use organize a class, create lesson plans, music selection, student levels and how to develop a cohesive curriculum with a focus on how to teach successful multilevel classes.  You will practice learning choreography and creating combinations with the format, how to design/modify a curriculum and create lessons plans. Explore ways to build class sessions with themes, goals and learning objectives. Learn how to organize your teaching material in a logical sequence, how to build combinations and routines, and practice building up and breaking down movements. In addition, we’ll explore how to incorporate cultural knowledge and performance dynamics, and how to modify instruction for different audiences and learning styles.

Topics covered in the Curriculum & Instruction course:

  • Curriculum and Lesson Planning
  • Class Organization, Sequence & Pace
  • Multi-level Teaching Strategies
  • Student development and learning styles
  • Student Correction
  • Advanced Skill Drill Routines

Business Vision & Values

Pre-requisite: Curriculum & Instruction course

In this course participants will learn about the business side of teaching belly dance and how to align their dance goals with their business goals. It culminates in learning your next steps in developing into a top-notch professional. Now that you have learned about essential technique, class organization and planning, you are ready to launch your career to the next level of teaching with your unique vision, passion and heart!

Topics covered in the Business course:

  • Business Models, Plans & Goals
  • Standards and ethics of the teaching profession
  • Creating a positive learning environment
  • Professional image and marketing materials

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