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Benefits of Training

Train in the Raqs Mosaique™ Dance Format to gain the tools, knowledge and inspiration to grow in your art for years to come!

Raqs Mosaique™ gives you the training, tools and support you need to:

  • Become a confident and capable instructor
  • Strengthen your credentials with optional certification
  • Create your own unique program
  • Simplify your lesson planning while building a rich dynamic curriculum
  • Expand and improve your teaching repertoire
  • Eliminate burnout and boredom
Strengthen your credentials as a qualified instructor!

Teachers who continue their education will consistently have more to offer their students.  The satisfaction from teaching increases as you advance and learn about different styles and perspectives. Guide your students with confidence to explore Middle Eastern cultural dances and belly dance fusion styles. Learn ways to help students distinguish between Egyptian Oriental, Persian and Iranian dance, tribal belly dance, and regional folkloric traditions. Expand and enrich your current methods and curriculum with standards of instruction that are proven effective in educational settings, while learning how to apply these standards to the belly dance classroom.

Become more confident and capable in your role as a knowledgeable dynamic instructor!

Using a unique layering and build-up method, the program emphasizes the use of multi-level teaching strategies based on strong technique, cultural knowledge and musical understanding.  To “break down” something, you are literally destroying it. Build it up instead with safe, fun and beautifully executed movements! Learn how to use the cultural dance vocabulary and universal dance concepts to build up basic movements and steps toward endless possibilities of combinations, stylization and layering. Learn how to use this method to create fun combinations for your classes, in advance or on the spot!

Create your own ever-evolving program, and eliminate burnout and boredom!

Learn how to use the format to create fun educational classes or dynamic fitness classes that preserve the integrity and complexity of the dance. Learn how to emphasize the importance of cultural and musical knowledge through fun activities that engage and inspire your students at every level, from beginner to advanced. The format helps you simplify lesson planning while continually infusing your teaching with new material. Improve student retention and have fun all the time!

How can you benefit from Raqs Mosaique™ Teacher Training?
  • Develop dance skills vertically AND horizontally by using the format in practice and teaching
  • Learn to use multi-level methodology to accommodate various skills levels simultaneously
  • Promote musical & cultural literacy through understanding dance roots and traditions
  • Discover and capitalize on your unique strengths and gifts with mentor and peer advising
What type of classes can be taught in the Raqs Mosaique™ format?
  • Belly dance fitness classes
  • Technique classes in any belly dance style
  • Community & recreation center classes
  • Seniors programs and special needs
  • Multi-level classes in any belly dance style
Who can participate?

Belly dance teachers and dancers who are considering jumping into teaching can participate in Raqs Mosaique™ Teacher Training. Instructors at all levels need and crave the knowledge and skills that teaching any discipline demands. This program provides a foundation for a successful belly dance teaching career, whether you are just starting out or are a veteran teacher expanding your horizons.

Technique & Essentials in particular, the foundation of the format, is ideal for dancers who wish to gain a deeper understanding of Oriental dance technique and music to improve their practice and performance.

Ready to take your belly dance career to the next level?

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