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Belly Dance Curriculum Book


Belly Dance Curriculum

Author: Katayoun Hutson, Foreword by Morocco (C. Varga Dinicu)

Release date: June 16, 2015
ISBN: 978-0-692-43374-4

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The art of Oriental dance may be complex. Teaching it should not be. There has never been a cohesive widely used curriculum in the field. Until now, belly dance teachers had to beg, borrow and steal, or create their own. I have developed my format over the past 15 years. Now I share my tried and tested methodology with you!


I know first-hand the demands of teaching, especially when your standards of self-growth are high. The frustration of coming up with new and interesting class content can suck the joy out of teaching. Worse, is seeing your students frustrated with their own progress. There are a few books and some training programs on “how to teach”, but there are no books on “what to teach.” A cohesive widely used program is seriously lacking in the belly dance industry. Even school teachers trained in the art and science of pedagogy, go into the classroom with a curriculum already in place. Not so for the Oriental dance teacher. Until now, you had to beg, borrow, and steal or write your own curriculum after years of trial and error. So I did. Now I share it with you.


Oriental Dance Curriculum is a much-needed addition to the list of valid books in our field and is an excellent aid for belly dance teachers as well as dance instructors in general. Follow my format and you will be thriving and soaring as a dynamic ever-evolving belly dance teacher for years to come! Whether you are a new teacher seeking guidance or an experienced instructor looking for new ideas, I’ll show you how to teach successful beginner and multilevel classes supported by my innovative approach and curriculum.


This curriculum guide is designed to advance student progress, nurture their interests, and to make YOUR life easier! Morocco (C. Varga Dinicu), the leading authority in the field of Oriental dance, writes in the foreword,

“I wish she had written it sooner – it would have saved me so much trial and error time. Her lesson plan outlines are easy to use “as is” or adjust to your own curriculum, preferred movement vocabulary and names for the movements. “Boxed” teaching tips are at the end of each class outline – I especially like the reminder to thank the students for coming to the class and her ethical approach in general. Stage directions are included in her later choreographies; there are “find the Doum” exercises and suggestions for variety and folk-ish things for variety in summertime classes. There is much to like about this book!”

“THE COMPLEX WORK IS DONE FOR YOU!Screen Shot 2017-12-24 at 12.23.33 PM

Unless you belong to a studio that has developed its own curriculum, when you start out as a belly dance teacher, you’re on your own. Even experienced teachers often piece-meal lessons together from forums and Internet sources. However, the collected parts and pieces are coming from different standards and perspectives. They will very rarely come together as a credible cohesive whole. This is a challenge most belly dance teachers accept and take on. Until now, there was not a cohesive curriculum.

After 15 years of tried and tested methodology, along with the endorsement of the foremost expert in our field, I share my curriculum and teaching secrets with you. The innovative yet simple methodology I share in this curriculum guide is logical and academic, easy to follow, with plenty of room for creativity and your unique touch. The book will guide you through every aspect of teaching the content of a cohesive program, including a foundational movement vocabulary and 10 elements of Oriental dance every student should be exposed to in their first year of dance classes.

The year-long program is presented in three seasonal thematic units, each with 12 lesson plans (36 in total) that build on skills from week to week. There is also a summer session with special topics. The content is formatted for easy visual reference, with step-by-step instructions on the flow and progression of each class. Each lesson plan includes a suggested music playlist that corresponds to the skills and concepts of each section of a 55-60 minute class. The program is designed to help students to continue refining basic skills throughout the year while keeping them motivated and interested with a variety of performance styles, music and choreographic concepts.


This complete curriculum guide will help you take the complexity out of teaching and put creativity in. Being a belly dance teacher can be one of the most rewarding and exciting journeys in your life. You have the opportunity to offer a life-changing experience. Teaching is a calling that requires more than passion. It requires dedication, experience and education to build your confidence. Imagine yourself as a successful teacher with lots of happy students. That is the first step.  The next step is getting the training and tools you need to succeed in your passion. Now, imagine you and your students thriving and soaring in all of your dance endeavors.

You can use my tried and tested methodology in your own classes. In this book, you get the tools you need to successfully teach this multilevel curriculum, including:

Movement Vocabulary – A foundational movement vocabulary incorporating all the basics is detailed. Dancers of all levels need to master the unique and universal elements of dance, in order to build their skills.

Thematic Units & Lesson Plans – Each unit explores a different theme to add variety, while continually refining and building on the basics. Lesson plans are outlined in an intuitive and visually pleasing format.

Build-Up Method of Creating Combinations – Instead of breaking-down movements, build them up instead with a more positive and versatile approach with infinite possibilities.

Layering Method of Teaching – Allow students to develop skills at their own pace, while exploring aesthetics, musicality and expression through the vertical and horizontal layers of learning.

Class Structure, Sequence & Pace – An outline of how to effectively use class time is detailed step-by-step along with suggested music playlists for each lesson.

Rubrics of Skills & Standards – Skills and standards of learning are detailed at various levels of experience. Each unit includes rubrics to help evaluate students.

Teaching Tips – At the end of each lesson, a gold nugget of teaching advice is offered to support you in your goals and pursuing your passion. Resources of supporting and background material corresponding to each thematic unit are listed at the end of the book.

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