Katayoun's Raqs Mosaique

Northern Virginia Belly Dance Instruction, Performance & Inspiration!

About the Program

Deepen your understanding.  Ignite your creativity.  Train to lead others.

Created by Katayoun Hutson, respected professional belly dancer and career educator in the Washington, DC area, Raqs Mosaique is a dance format that takes complexity OUT , and puts creativity IN. Raqs Mosaique simplifies movement breakdown, facilitates multilevel teaching, and ignites your creativity!

Raqs Mosaique™ emphasizes mastery of a vast, yet simple, foundational movement vocabulary. In addition, musical knowledge, and education of the cultural roots of modern belly dance provide a fountain of creativity and variety to flow naturally in your dancing and teaching. Inspired by this ever-evolving format, you will continuously develop essential skills in your repertoire and in your students.

Whether you are currently teaching or aspire to teach, you will develop a solid foundation on which to build your classes, expand your offerings, and help you and your students thrive for years to come!

This program is for you, if you…
  • Have no idea how to structure a class
  • Struggle to fill a class with enough material (ie. moves, combos, etc)
  • Worry that students will get bored
  • Suffer from burn-out or become overwhelmed with the demands of teaching
  • Find it difficult to address the diverse interests and needs of today’s students
  • Have difficulty breaking down movements that come easy for you
  • Become frustrated with your students lack of progress (even though you adore them)
  • Find it challenging to teach fitness classes or instruct a wide range of abilities in the same class
  • Enjoy infusing your teaching with new methods and material


You will learn how to:
  • Structure your classes and create different teaching formats
  • Organize and present your teaching material
  • Select and compile music playlists for different types of classes
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Observe, correct and evaluate your students respectfully and productively
  • Accommodate a variety of abilities and learning styles
  • Avoid teacher burn-out and HAVE FUN ALL THE TIME!

Applicable to all styles of belly dance, the Raqs Mosaique™ Dance Format does not replace any teaching methods or formats you may already be using. The program is a strong foundational base on its own and also works well with other formats. It will enrich and fortify your program for greater variety and learning potential for your students.

Key features of the program include:
  • Teaching with Multi-Level Methodology
  • How to Integrate Musical Understanding with Technique
  • Offer Variety While Consistently Developing Essential Skills
  • Ongoing Support and Mentoring To Help You Grow as a Teacher

Training Courses

The Raqs Mosaique™ format and teacher training is offered through three 6-8 hour courses:

Technique & Essentials

Curriculum & Instruction

Business Vision & Values

Each course focuses on a different set of dance and teaching topics. The program accommodates a wide range of teaching and dance styles, allowing you to significantly add to, and dramatically improve what you are already doing. Learn more…

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