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“It is my wish that my students find joy in the movements, inspiration in the music, and purity of art in this beautifully rich and spirited dance.” Katayoun, Master Instructor/Professional Performer, Author/Speakerheadshot2warmth

Katayoun is a nationally recognized instructor and author specializing in teaching and performing Iranian and Arab folk dance traditions with a modern flair. Her specialties include contemporary Persian dances of her Iranian heritage as well as classic Egyptian belly dance with expertise in teaching choreography and musicality. Her diverse movement vocabulary, love of Middle Eastern music, and knack for creative drills, are evident in her dance format Raqs Mosaique, a contemporary vision of Middle Eastern dance, infinitely inspired by cultural roots.

Katayoun’s curriculum and methodology highlight the fundamentals of dance with a body positive approach, and teaches dance as a performance art aimed for the everyday dancer as well as the working professional dancer.

Drawing from her vast teaching experience and extensive training in folkloric dance and music, the Raqs Mosaique program is a gentle and structured multi-level format that demystifies the art and soul of Middle Eastern dance with enjoyable movement training and inspiring musical knowledge.

A generous teacher, Katayoun shares her fountain of knowledge generously, drawing from her vast repertoire and teaching experience to all ages, abilities and backgrounds. She believes that regardless of dance style, when music, culture and movement are connected to create dance performance, the dancer and her audience are fully engaged and continuously inspired.

Highly influenced by the cultural insight gained from her Iranian heritage, Katayoun’s dance style has been described as “elegant and earthy,” “powerful yet subtle,” with “perfect musicality and interpretation.” Watch Videos

Career Highlights:

  • Founder and artistic director of Mosaique Center for Cultural Arts in Sterling, VA, since 2009, teaching a diverse and expansive multilevel curriculum to adults and children.
  • Author of  “Oriental Dance Curriculum: A Complete Guide for the Belly Dance Teacher, the first curriculum guide for teaching belly dance distributed worldwide.
  • National Instructor invited to teach at Las Vegas Belly Intensive 2015, East Coast Classic 2016, Austin Belly Dance Convention 2017.
  • Educator with over 8,000 teaching hours in the classroom and the studio, and graduate coursework in education through the University of Virginia.
  • Developed multilevel teaching methodologies to simultaneously address the needs and interests of varying levels of experience and ability.
  • Advocate for teaching standards and education of the cultural roots of contemporary belly dance, and considered one of the most respected professionals in the Washington, DC belly dance community.
  • Co-founder of Tiraz Dance Network and board member since its inception in 2007, and former WAMEDA (Washington Area Middle Eastern Dance Association) board member and officer.
  • Selected in 2010 as one of 25 dancers  from around the world to participate in the first season of Project Belly Dance, the search for America’s Top Belly Dancer, a competition and reality show.
  • Created a belly dance teacher-training program to promote breadth of knowledge and teaching standards within the belly dance community, now offered online at the Belly Dance Business Academy.

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