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About Katayoun

headshot2warmth“My goal is to support you and give you the tools, training and resources you need to be the best teacher you can be…without judgement or ego.”
Katayoun Hutson

Trained through University of Virginia Curry School of Education in curriculum, instruction, human development and learning theory, Katayoun merges her classroom experience as a school teacher and her leadership in the belly dance community to bring tried and true teaching methods to the belly dance classroom. An innovative and dedicated instructor, Katayoun has consistently taught weekly belly dance and Persian dance classes to hundreds of students of all ages and backgrounds in Northern Virginia since 2001, accumulating over 8,000 instructional hours in the classroom and the dance studio. It is not unusual to find students in her classes who have studied with her for five, seven and even 10 years.

Learn from a master teacher with over 15 years experience as a career educator and professional dancer!

In live and online trainings, Katayoun generously shares from the fountain of knowledge and experience that she has amassed in her 20 + years as a performer, teacher and student of Middle Eastern dance. You have the benefit of gaining insight from lessons she has learned throughout her dance and teaching journey.


Katayoun competing in Project Belly Dance, 2010.

Katayoun has garnered a reputation as one of the most respected dancers in the belly dance community. In 2010, she was one of 25 dancers selected from around the world to participate in the first season of Project Belly Dance, the search for America’s Top Belly Dancer, a competition and reality show.

In addition to graduate coursework in education, Katayoun has acquired over 400 hours of master workshops in Middle Eastern dance and music with acclaimed instructors, most notably:

  • Dr. Robyn Friend (75 hours)
  • Jim Boz (60 hours)
  • Morocco & Tarik Sultan (36 hours)
  • Zahra Zuhair (38 hours)
  • Aziza of Montreal (36 hours)
  • Karim Nagi (22 hours)
  • Issam Houshan (12 hours)
  • Farima Berenji (10 hours)
  • Faten Salama (10 hours)
  • Mohamed Shahin (8 hours)
  • Tamalyn Dallal (8 hours)
  • Artemis Mourat (8 hours)
  • Nada el Masriya (8 hours)
  • Amir Thaleb (6 hours)
  • Suzana Del Vecchio (6 hours)
  • Many 2-4 hour trainings with others, including: Miriam Peretz, Outi of Cairo, Aida Nour, Tito Seif, Mohamad Kazafy, Aladin El Koly, Sahra Kent, Lubna Eman, Bozenka and Allesandra Belloni
  • Performing arts training background includes: Classical Egyptian/Raqs Sharki, Raqs Baladi, Khaleejy, Iranian/Persian Dance, Modern Dance, American Tribal Style Belly Dance, Classical Ballet, Dramatic Arts and Theater.

Supported by her background in education, Katayoun’s extensive teaching experience includes full time dance instructor, studio owner and many opportunities to educate diverse audiences in her community and beyond.

Middle Eastern Dance for Seniors (ages 55+)

Multicultural Music and Movement for Kids (ages 3-6)

Persian Dance for Kids

Egyptian Style Raqs Sharqi and Balady (Teens and Adults)

Belly Dance and Persian Dance Technique (Beginner to Professional)

Dance Fitness, Belly Dance and Persian Dance

  • Director and choreographer of student dance companies Mystic Mirage Ensemble (NW Florida) and Desert Doves (Northern Virginia)
  • Seminar instructor in the belly dance community, workshop sponsors include:

Katayoun’s Intensive at Blue Kohola Retreats – Big Island, HI, February 2016

East Coast Classic Festival – Hampton, VA, January 2016

Las Vegas Belly Dance Intensive – Las Vegas, NV, September 2015

Alexandria & The Shades of Amber – Beckley, WV, April 2015

Queens of the Universe – Richmond, VA, May 2013

Circle of World Arts – Mclean, VA, October 2013

Samra’s Expressions – Galax, VA 2007 and Winston Salem, NC, June 2012

Meline & Xena’s – Lancaster, PA, 2009

Women of Selket – Richmond, VA, 2004 and 2008

While her passion and expertise are in folkloric Middle Eastern dance, her studies in Modern Dance, Ballet, American Tribal Belly Dance, and theatrical arts provide a strong foundation and in-depth knowledge of the roots of modern belly dance. In addition, she has experienced first-hand the evolution of teaching belly dance in America, staying abreast of emerging topics, eliminating outdated teaching methods, while identifying and implementing safe and effective teaching strategies.

Program Overview

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